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Next concerts 2023

  1. -22nd of March at 18:30 - Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Nice, salle Borly :

    Four hands concert by Charlotte Marck (Nice) & Menno van Delft (Amsterdam) on the new clavichord of Nice’s Conservatoire. Instrument after Friederici (1765), built by Gregor Bergmann in 2022.

    Works of W.A. Mozart, J.G. Müthel, Ch. Marck...

This concert will be preceded by a lecture given by Menno van Delft, at 17:00 (salle Borly).

    Free entrance

  1. -14th of May at 15:30 - Eglise Saint-Paul, 28 avenue de Pessicart, Nice :

    Duo Organ & Trumpet, Charlotte Marck & Jean-Pierre Gonzalves

    Works of G.F. Haendel, G. Torelli, J.S. Bach, Ch. Marck....

  1. -1rst of July at 20:30 - Chapelle du Centre Culturel de la Providence (8 bis rue Saint-Augustin, Nice): Diversi Capricci, ou Musiques instrumentales au goût italien,

    with Flavio Losco, violin - Sibylle Schütz-Carrière, viola da gamba - Charlotte Marck, historical organ attributed to the «Frères Concone» (1723)

    Works of L. Leonarda, A. Bertali, N. Matteis, M. Cazzati, J.C. Kerll...

Concert given in the Framework of the Festival « La Route Royale des Orgues ».